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Wombat shakes the Eos Defi space by integrating with major platforms such as Defis.Network and Equilibrium

The cross-platform integration extends the reach of Wombat in the DeFi space and shows the willingness of the platform and the EOS ecosystem to provide unparalleled DeFi functionality

Berlin, January 2021– Spielworks, a leading blockchain gaming and wallet startup, strengthens its position in the EOS dApps space through a series of DeFi integrations. The company has partnerships with the leading EOS DeFi networks Defis.Network, Defibox and Pizza Finance. Wombat can also be integrated into Vigor, Organix and DolphinSwap and complements the existing integration of Newdex and Equilibrium. By activating additional DeFi solutions just one month after the company’s integration into eosfinex, Spielworks is demonstrating its commitment to providing wombat users with an improved user experience, financial independence and an ever-growing number of lucrative opportunities.

Despite the occasional stony road, the DeFi honey pot continues to grow. According to DeFi Pulse, Total Value Locked (TVL) in decentralized finance projects has increased by a whopping 2,500 percent since May 2020. But there is still reason to be reconciled. Not enough consumers are familiar with DeFi under EOS, also because the accessibility of the platform continues to be a problem. The basic process of creating an EOS account remains an obstacle. Despite recent improvements in this area, the hurdle calls for dynamic account options for chain enthusiasts who resort to negative EOS narratives. But slowly but surely the tide is turning and a larger number of blockchain fans are recognizing a superior user experience in EOS. It is only a matter of time before the platform becomes a natural home for everyday users and Spielworks takes responsibility for the mass adoption of EOS.

Through this partnership, the DeFi platforms involved will act as a transition between the EOS and dApps ecosystems, allowing EOS to demonstrate its faster, more cost-effective user experience in the DeFi landscape without waiting. Through these integrations, Wombat gives its users direct access to these platforms, while Wombat users can take advantage of a variety of DeFi features immediately after joining the EOS ecosystem. “Additional features directly improve the accessibility and usability of DeFi protocols under EOS and make the benefits available to a much broader user base. Also, users can combine the benefits of DeFi. License-free trading, lending and stable coins with a Premium Wombat UX. Wombat has driven this development further by introducing features like “Buy Bitcoin with EOS” that allow users to smoothly exchange their EOS for pBTC, a Bitcoin-supported token on the EOS network.

“The goal is to provide wombat users with a seamless and simple, yet powerful experience of using tools for financial freedom and independence, such as stablecoins, exchanges, and loan logs for EOS,” says Adrian Krion, Founder and CEO of Spielworks. “The user experience of DeFi products under EOS is unparalleled in the blockchain space and thus meets our requirements for suitability for everyday users.”

Wombat offers users free EOS and Telos accounts. The wallet serves as a gateway for blockchain-based games and allows users to find, play and interact with blockchain applications (dApps) and games available on EOS and Telos. Wombat offers free and fast account creation, automatic key backup and free blockchain resources. All blockchain games available on Womplay are based on EOS.

Recently, the company introduced a new interface that allows users to natively swap EOS for pBTC within the wombat wallet. Along with Defibox and pTokens, the new UI allows users to hold BTC without leaving the wombat ecosystem. In essence, it will serve as a gateway for users to purchase, hold, and earn BTC while cutting down on long procession times and costly transaction fees. Bitcoin exists on Defibox, pTokens and Wombat as pBTC, an EOS-based token that is transparently secured by its actual “root” coin. With the pBTC swap feature, users can effectively interact with the most valuable crypto asset with improved speed and rewards.

“We are excited to share the capabilities of Wombat with our users,” said Alex Melikhov, CEO of Equilibrium. “It will also be interesting to see how developing such integrations will help further catalyze the development of the DeFi ecosystem on EOS.”

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