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XRP Price Prediction in 2022 | Bankless Times

Last updated 13th Dec 2022

XRP is Ripple’s ecosystem native cryptocurrency. Ripple is a private company that operates a digital payment network that runs on a proprietary public distributed Ledger called RippleNet.

Despite XRP’s low price in the crypto market, it currently ranks 6th by market capitalization with significant daily trading volumes. XRP’s price has lately been influenced by several factors, chief among them the Securities and Investment(SEC)lawsuit, the Russia – Ukraine Invasion, investment from major companies, and general market sentiments.

Experts estimate the price of XRP will hit highs of $1.27 by the close of 2022. However, there’s a lack of consensus about the average price for the coin. Many analysts see the coin settling between $0.85 – $0.95. Estimates show that the price might bottom around $0.5 for 2022.

The coin recorded its all-time low in 2014 with a price of $$0.002802. Four years later, XRP hit its all-time high of $3.84. Let’s look at the price forecast for 2022 and beyond, events likely to influence the price, plus much more.

XRP Price Analysis This Week

XRP price action tends to follow fluctuations in the broader crypto market. Here’s what you can expect this week.

Latest XRP Price Predictions by Experts

Many investors have stakes and eyes on XRP. The coin has interesting fundamentals and uses cases considering it’s not like other decentralized cryptos. Although XRP’s price analysis is subject to various external influences, experts have come up with various forecasts.

Considering there’s been an overall price change of 53.82% over the last 30 days, it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact future price of XRP. Many shifting dynamics will certainly influence the price. Here is the latest XRP price projection from experts:

XRP Price Drop Prediction

Apart from market sentiments and the general bearing of the crypto market, we believe that the SEC lawsuit holds the key to XRP prices. A condemning decision is likely to see the prices of the coin tumble to levels below $0.5.

Ripple has a strong presence in Asia, and it continues to seek partnerships with major financial institutions aggressively. Agreements between Ripple and these companies are major drivers and sustainers of XRP’s price. We foresee a fallout if the court rules against Ripple, negatively impacting prices even further.

Long Term XRP Forecast

The RippleNet has strong fundamentals that are likely to push the value even higher. The uptake of the product is also a key driver of XRP, however, the risk of the lawsuit looms large in the short term.

It’s difficult to predict the price of crypto with absolute certainty due to their volatility. However, let’s look at the long-term price forecast for XRP.

Year Low High
2022 $0.83 $1.27
2025 $.0.9 $1.67
2030 $28.01 $30.96
2035 $35.17 $43.76
2040 $50.34 $60.56
2045 $73.65 $100.09
2050 1519.371 $1600

Monthly XRP Price Forecast for 2022/2023

All forecasts point to a bullish outlook for XRP. Prices are likely to fluctuate between $0.7 to $1.67. The price looks to be on a rebound after the recent dip at the onset of the Russia – Ukraine invasion.

We believe that forecasts should bear the weight of the current market sentiments, upcoming events, and other dynamic market factors. Experts expect the prices to remain relatively stable in the short to medium term.

Here is a month-by-month price forecast, highlighting the possible low and high prices.

What Impacts XRP Price?

Crypto is volatile, and XRP is no exception. For instance, XRP’s prices changed by 53% over the past 30 days. Some of the main reasons that influence the price of XRP coins are

news sentiment:

  • Bitcoin’s(BTC) price serves as a benchmark for the other cryptos price movement and investor sentiments. XRP’s price correlates to BTC’s, with XRP prices falling when BTC falls and vice versa.

  • Many traders and investors buy XRP when BTC prices increase to benefit from market movements.


  • When positive news is released about Ripple, XRP prices tend to increase. Since RippleNet works as a real-time global network settlement (RTGS), the network has attracted lots of financial institutions such as Nium, Bank of America, American Express, and Santander.

  • When news of upcoming partnerships is released, prices rise. Publications on popular news outlets also affect prices. For instance, some positives on Fortune magazine saw XRP’s price take an upward trend.

SEC Lawsuit:

  • The SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple has hurt the prices of XRP. Leading exchanges like Coinbase and Binance US suspended XRP’s order book when the case started. This led to plummeting prices.

  • However, the case is expected to end soon, and the company is hopeful the court will rule in their favor. This has made the price experience an uptick in recent days.


  • The SEC’s law case dented Ripple’s momentum. Other blockchain solutions have come offering a similar solution to Ripple, which increases competition. Examples of competing blockchain projects include IOTA and Consensys.

  • It should be noted that Ripple still leads its competitors in offering a global payment solution system. However, its market share may wane in the face of increasing competition, affecting XRP’s price.

Digitization of the Global Financial Systems:

  • RippleNet’s efficiency and infrastructure have attracted several Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) prospects. For instance, Bhutan has agreed to pilot its CBDC using Ripple’s private network to cut down on transaction costs and increase financial inclusivity in the country.

  • The prospect of several other countries using Ripple has undoubtedly had a positive effect on XRP price.

new tech:

  • Ripple enables financial institutions to free working capital with solutions like on-demand financing. These institutions are therefore delivering cross-border payments without prefunding.

  • The network also provides institutions with an XRP line of credit to use and pay later. Although these technologies exist on other platforms, the speed and convenience of the RippleNet blockchain make it low-cost and effective. The technology attracts many more companies raising the company’s profile and XRP’s price.

use cases:

  • Although XRP is limited to Ripple Labs, the RippleNet has multiple use cases, including cross-border remittances, smart contracts, and CBDCs. The company has also provided Ripplex, a platform where developers can use the XRP ledger for making payment solutions.

  • Wide acceptance and use of the platform will likely drive the company profile up. More investors will be encouraged to hold XRP affecting supply and demand, which will drive prices up.


  • Unlike other decentralized cryptos that are community-driven, XRP is managed by a central team that makes all the key decisions. A fallout in leadership or any form of mismanagement may affect the general standing and credibility of the project, affecting the prices adversely.

Upcoming XRP events

XRP has not lined up any technical development for this year. However, we can anticipate partnerships during the year.

The lawsuit against Ripple is, however, guaranteed to provide some key moments in determining XRP’s future. As the case winds on, revelations come up which affect the price depending on which side they favor.

We expect the case to be wound up this year, and the decision will have a great impact on the coin’s future.

XRP Historical Price Changes

The XRP ledger was originally developed in 2011 but was launched in 2012. Let’s look at the coin’s price history since 2014.

Year High Low Close
2015 $0.004 $0.014 $0.008
2016 $0.1 $0.004 $0.008
2017 $2.4 $0.003 $1.98
2018 $3.29 $0.25 $0.68
2019 $0.50 $0.17 $0.40
2020 $0.77 $0.16 $0.66
2021 $1.96 $0.2 $1.59

XRP Price Prediction Chart

XRP vs. Bitcoin Price Prediction

Both BTC and XRP are payment solutions that work on a public blockchain. However, XRP is owned by a private entity and focuses on financial institutions to facilitate real-time gross settlement. On the other hand, BTC is popular for both retail and institutional payments.

BTC is more acceptable as a form of payment for the masses. BTC is far more valuable than XRP. The coin has at one point exceeded $65,000, while XRP has only seen highs of $3.84.

Live Price Chart of XRP: USD


What will XRP be worth in 2022?

The price of XRP will potentially average between $0.85 – $0.95 and may hit highs of $1.27. The ongoing SEC lawsuit is likely to affect the prices. A win for Ripple is likely to push the price higher than predicted.

Will XRP price go up / go down?

XRP prices are subject to volatility like every other crypto. Many things influence prices, including unforeseen events. However, the price of XRP looks to remain relatively stable in the short term with minimal changes. However, the results of the SEC lawsuit will influence prices depending on how the case goes.

How high can XRP prices go in 2022?

Expert analysts establish that XRP can get to highs of between $1.27 – $1.67 levels.

XRP’s all-time high is $3.84. The $10 price point is likely to be a long-term prospect and will depend on many factors. Experts put the $10 mark achievable within the next eight years.

Ripple is a private company running a public blockchain, and information about who owns the most XRP is difficult to come by. However, Ripple is buying back XRP and is accumulating much of the coin in anticipation of a public IPO. Other individuals who hold high stakes in XRP include former CEO Chris Larsen and current CEO Brad Garlinghouse.

Is XRP a good investment?

XRP has good fundamentals considering its unique use cases and positioning. The company has worked on roping in major partnerships in over 120 countries. On the downside, the SEC lawsuit puts question marks on its future. The fact that it’s a private company that is not community-driven also does not sit well with those who believe in crypto decentralization.

Is XRP a safe investment?

XRP prices are volatile and fluctuate periodically. At the moment, XRP is a 50-50 investment considering its future is pegged on the outcome of the SEC lawsuit.

Will XRP replace / surpass / overtake Bitcoin?

This is highly unlikely as Bitcoin is heading towards mass adoption in many countries globally. BTC’s price is many times that of XRP.

XRP prices have been bullish in February 2022, and this is likely to continue as they get small wins in the SEC lawsuit. According to experts, XRP prices are likely to get to $1.27 in 2022, an increase of over 50% in prices.

What are the best resources for XRP price prediction?

There are active subreddits that analyze the price of XRP. Check out the following subreddit:

XRP is the native token of the RippleNet network. It’s a digital token that facilitates real-time payments globally within financial institutions. It’s cheaper and allows faster settlement of payments.

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XRP Price Predictions

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